Training Materials from Top Dot

We aim to create adaptive technology training materials that are unique, clear and affordable. We think that clear and accurate knowledge of computer information can lead to competent and confident users, and competent and competent users stand to gain enjoyment and employment. We think there is a shortage of such documentation, and we’ll be interested to see if you gain from our materials.

Our first book, The windows Keyboard Power User Guide, is now available. It contains sections on windows 10, JAWS and Microsoft Word. It does not teach any of these topics fully, but rather aims to make you a better keyboard user in each of them. Other than the section on JAWS, users of any screen reader, or even of no screen reader, can fully benefit from the contents.

the book comes in two editions, which can be purchased separately, but which also complement each other. the Microsoft Word version is a straightforward, no-frills guide. The MP3 version is an interactive, more conversational tutorial. Each version costs $15, or you can have them both for $25.

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