Get Cracking with Chrome for Windows

This book assembles information about Chrome which I have not seen in one convenient place.

Here’s what the reviewers of the pre-release version had to say:

Thank you for your work on this book, and believe that it will be valuable to both beginners and more advanced users.

I went over the book, and I went through Chrome menus, and I feel as if your instructions as to how to access Chrome features were easy to follow, nice and blind-friendly, and comprehensive. The order of feature presentation seemed right to me too. As I read through, I tried to put myself in the place of a user who needed to learn Chrome, and wasn’t particularly techy. I believe your instructions could be followed by most users. It was also thoughtful of you to include instructions for both JAWS and NVDA, where the keystrokes were different.

Do yYou Need this Book?

You may already use Chrome a lot and be familiar with much of it. Of course, we cover all the basic operations of the browser. In addition, this short list of more advanced topics will help experienced users to evaluate whether or not the book might be of benefit to them:

  • Four ways to open links
  • Using the tab bar
  • Bookmarks and other strategies of keeping track of pages
  • Managing search engines and building powerful site-specific search queries
  • Using Simplified reading mode
  • Privacy and security settings
  • Using extensions

Table of Contents

In addition, you can check out the Table of Contents

Purchasing the Book

The book is available in simple Microsoft Word and MP3 formats. Each format costs $15 by itself, or, as I recommend for the most complete coverage, you can buy them both for $25.

To do this, visit the Products page .